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My name is Eran Olenik and I am a Business and Life coach, a coach trainer and Course Leader from 2003 till 2010, when I founded "Coaching Academy", one of the leading Coaching schools in Israel, in partnership with Tal Ronen. Since 2003 I lead Coaching courses for more than 700 participants and coached  CEO's, executives and managers. I am regarded by the business press as one of the leading business coaches in Israel.

Some of the companies I coached and lead seminars in, include:

LOREAL Israel, Grey Interactive – advertising agency, Promarket- Israel leading live marketing and promotion agency,  Tel Aviv Municipality, the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Israeli Ministry of Environment  Protector, Interdisciplinary Center Herzeliya, Comscore Israel, and more.

In 2010 I was certified as a C.S.C – SUN Certified Coach, at the International Coaching School – Success Unlimited Network, lead by Teri E Belf. Since then I am part of the SUN international coaching community: "an international network of personal and professional coaches who inspire and coach people to learn how to consistently produce purposeful results in all life areas while maintaining and enhancing well-being."

I am a SUN trainer and co- representative of SUN in Israel since 2012.

In 2015 we are leading the SUN program in "Ono Academic Center" as part of MBA for Organizational Consulting and Organizational Behavior

(I was certified as a MCC-a Master Certified Coach by the ICF-  (International Coach Federation

Formal education and work experience:

M.A. In Business Administration from the Hebrew University.

12 years as manager, as an economist in Bezeq- the Israeli Telecommunication Company

Strategic planner and account supervisor at Ogilvy Israel – advertising agency

Senior business consultant at TASC Ernst & Young.

My approach:

The way I coach is based on two major methodologies drawn upon the knowledge of

some of the leading coaches in the world, adding my unique flavor while leading, training and coaching hundreds of coaches, managers and private trainees.

  1. The transformative approach that allow my clients to transform who they are, towards creating unpredictable results, way over a state of "business as usual".
    "Change is a function of altering what you are doing- to improve something that is already possible in your reality (better, different or more).
    Transformation is a function of altering the way you are being – to create
    something that is not possible in your reality.”(Tracy Goss)
  2. I come from a spiritual approach, believing that each one of us has a unique role to play – capsulated in our purpose, and that we are here to learn, evolve and grow as human beings. Our purpose is the source of our inspiration, a decision making tool, an anchor of stability in a chaotic world, which gives us a strong sense of ability and security. Purpose is also a generator of energy, when you are operating in accordance with it, thinks come to you with ease, and effortlessly. It allows giving up actions that does not suit your greatness.

My coaching is a delightful dance between those two approaches, that allow and demand my clients to express nothing less than their best.

My services include: Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Mentoring Programs, mentoring and supervision for coaches, seminars, programs and lectures for various audiences.

During the coaching process, you will get acquainted with new distinctions that allow you to shift from a person working on achieving reasonable results, in the familiar and safe range you already know, to a leader choosing to play a huge new game, detached from the grasp of your circumstances and your past.

You are invited to contact me and examine together what is needed to start moving powerfully forward.

Sincerely yours,

Eran Olenik M.A. MCC

Coaching for Purposeful Leadership

Enclosed my Article –Coaching in the Pressure Cooker – Published in The "Coaching World" – December 2011 ICF Newsletter


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